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At mount Urgull´s feet, standing over the walkway alongside it and over the entrance to La Concha Bay, you can find this Oteiza’s artwork made out with steel in 2002. Its 6 metres protect the entrance to the city from the sea, fighting against the wind and the waves, and because of that we can consider this piece a little version of the city, standing tall throughout the years.

If we get to the sculpture, we can choose our new destination, from the entrance to mount Urgull, the Aquarium and harbour or the promenade around the mount and by the sea. Because of all of this, this is a great place to visit and the decide what to discover next in our city.

Finally, if you decide to see the sunset from this location you will fall in love. And if you are brave enough, you should really come here when we have a big storm. Then, you will be able to see how the sculpture stands tall against 20 metre waves when they hit against the walls. after watching this, you will understand the fighting spirit of the people of the city.