Egia is a district that exudes culture left, right and centre. You can find art galleries where you can see pieces by local artists; art shops to buy materials to make your own creations; the Tabakalera building, main cultural centre in town that hosts expositions, libraries and sometimes, spectacles of every kind… But, without a doubt, one of the hottest spots in town is the Dabadaba club.

Since 2014, this space has hosted several cultural and social events: flea markets where you can find absolute bargains at a great price; local artist expositions; film projections as in an improvised cinema; and, above everything else, concerts… many, many concerts, both from groups of the region or the country as from many other countries, from every style and for all tastes. The stage has been a “who is who” of the music scene, and the offer concerts with such a regularity that you will always find one that will fit your particular taste. I have performed there myself, and I can tell you it is a blast to attend concerts there, both in the stage and down in the pit.

And where there are no concerts… Dabadaba does not stop. A bar, a green terrace where you can have a drink in the sun, board games, anything you need to chill after a long day or to get ready for a long party night in Donosti!