Casa Valles

When I was young and tiny my grandparents used to meet my parents many Sundays in the Reyes Católicos street to bar crawl and eat some pintxos. One of the bars they liked was, and still is in my case, the Casa Valles.

Founded in 1942, we are in a bar that’s an institution in San Sebastian. Because of its long life and because its key importance in the history of pintxos, as in this bar the iconic Gilda was invented! But not only the chilli pepper, with anchovy and olive nourish the clients of the Valles, the bar has a solid pintxo offer and works with very good cheese and cold meats.

An authentic place that seems to resist now and always the winds of modernity that lash San Sebastian. If you want to imagine how, not so long ago, many of the modern bars in the Old Quarter looked, come by, ask for something to drink and grab a pintxo to then sit on the wooden stools by the long tables. A pleasure.