Camino de Santiago mount Ulia

One of the best things about living in such a small region (txikia in Basque) like Gipuzkoa, is that villages tend to be nearby. And Donosti benefits from this because of its proximity with Pasajes San Juan (Donibane), a town with a beautiful port installed on the Pasajes estuary, which is protected by the Ulia and Jaiuzkibel mountains. Being able to walk through a pleasant urban or mountain hike to this enclave from San Sebastián is a huge pleasure that not only the Pilgrims who make the “Camino de Santiago” (St. James way) can enjoy.

(Photo: Go Local. Hegoi doing one of our hiking tour of Mount Ulia with a nice family)



And it is not a small deal. Mount Ulia, which separates Donosti from Donibane, was once the first touristic mountain in the city. It was equipped with the first cable car for human use in history, more than a hundred years ago. It is also marked by remnants of its military past, such as bunkers built during the Cuban War, and places of natural beauty that can take your breath away.


If you dare to do this route, alone or with us, we recommend you to take something to eat and water, as well as equip yourself with appropriate footwear. But do not worry if you are still hungry after the hike, because in Pasajes San Juan there are great places to sit and enjoy some local food after a great walk.