Best clubs and bars in San Sebastian

Best clubs and bars in San Sebastian

San Sebastián, a city full of exciting activities at any time of the year. But this genuine city not only stands out for its beauty and natural wealth, but also because it has one of the best nightlife in Spain.

When night falls on San Sebastián, everything is transformed giving way to the new protagonists, the bars, pubs and discos in the main areas.

If you want to know which are the best areas to go out in San Sebastián, get ready to discover the secret places and those that you cannot miss.

Best bars in San Sebastian

If you are prepared to give it your all during the nights in San Sebastian, this is your place. The party is usually set up in the Reyes Católicos area, the Gros neighborhood and the Old Town.

The Reyes Católicos area is pedestrianized and is full of bars and entertainment venues, so we assure you that you will not run out of plans. Both during the day and at night, Reyes Católicos is an ideal place if you don’t know many people in San Sebastián and want to make friends.

It has a large number of activities regardless of the time of day, and many offers from the bars in the area, especially during the week.

The Gros neighborhood is a calmer and more alternative area than the Catholic Monarchs. Conquered by young people full of energy. The Gros neighborhood is known and visited mainly by surfers, skaters, skaters, etc.

Best bars in San Sebastian


At night we can find bars and places with an alternative style, more focused on a beer atmosphere and for a good chat with friends.

Finally, the Old Town is the busiest and most touristic place in San Sebastián. If you are looking to get to know the typical areas of San Sebastián, you cannot miss visiting the old town. Full of tourists, it is an area with a lot of life and a great variety of bars and different foods, it hides the charm and history that everyone should see at least once.

San Sebastián is the city with the most Michelin stars per square meter worldwide, so it is essential when you visit the bars of San Sebastián to try our typical dishes such as pintxos, txangurro, cod in pil-pil, tortilla de cod or marmitako.

Best clubs in San Sebastian

The areas mentioned above are also where the best nightclubs are located, such as the Gu or Bataplán nightclub.

San Sebastián is transformed when the clubs open and the streets themselves are a party in themselves where you can enjoy the best music, so you should not worry too much about finding a good club to spend the night in, they will be the ones who find you and your group of friends.

If what you want is to enjoy a great night in San Sebastián, we recommend you come on the days of the main festivals in San Sebastián such as the Donostiarra Carnival, the Semana Grande or the Bandera de la Concha, among many others.

During these festivities, the whole city is treated as one big party where a multitude of people from all over the world gather to enjoy the customs and traditions of San Sebastian.

If you also want to enjoy the daytime activities that the wonderful city of San Sebastian offers us, we recommend bike tours , a great way to get to know the corners of San Sebastian and enjoy its spectacular climate in a different and healthy way. The ideal option for an outing with friends.