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In this website you will find all the practical information you may need to get the most out of the experience we have designed for you.

Increase your knowledge of the road

In this interactive map you can get to know the path and also find different points of interest where we can tell you about the Urumea river´s story, as well as information about the cider traditions.

For a deeper experience, below this you can find links to different interactive apps.



We go further

We have created this path in different interactive apps for you to find it more comfortable. Explore the different apps and keep in mind a few things about them:

Wikiloc (recommended):

  • You need to have a profile and to pay in the app to follow the route.
  • With Wikiloc you will have a lot of information about the different points of interest that you can find throughout the experience.
  • This app sticks very well to the bike tracks in town.

Google maps:

  • With Google Maps you will have a lot of information about the different points of interest that you can find throughout the experience.
  • You can navigate through the road online with Google, although it will not always guide you  through our designed path.
  • The path that Google designes does not always match the bike tracks in town, due to incompatibilities the app has with the city’s map.

Download GPX File

This experience includes

Starting at Go Local, we will provide you with the neccesary (Electrical Bicycle, Ticket Sagardoetxea Museum, map, map/leaflet and helmet) so you can ride along the urumea river throughout the bidegorris (the name of the bike lanes) and enjoy on your own a delightful ride, until you arrive at Sagardoetxea (Basque Cidre Museum) in Astigarraga.

After an introduction to the cidre culture, alongside a guided visit and a tasting, you will be able to get back to Donostia, knowing everything you need to know about this aspect of the local culture.

Information you need to know

Remember, the starting hours for this experience from  Go Local´s office are:

10:00 & 15:00.

And the starting hours for the guided visits at the Sagardoetxea museum are:

11:00/12:00 & 16:00

You can find us at  Sarriegi Plaza 9, Donostia San Sebastian where we will have everything ready for you, so for the next  4h’ you can enjoy everything related with this ancestral tradition.


Local Guides

Local Guides

All the guides, both in Go Local and in Sagardoetxea, are local guides, we have formed ourselves in Tourism and we do this guided visits as our full time job.

Small Groups

Small Groups

We organize this daily service with small groups so we can show you our enthusiasm and professionalism.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism

We work to generate a positive impact for visitors, local people, the city and its surroundings, minimizing the social and environmental print.