Raimundo Sarriegui

Our tours, both on foot or by bike, usually start at our office doors. It is a big square with beautiful benches, which evoque the “trecandís” so common in catalan’s modernism, and there are a lot of businesses, from those that have been opened forever (like the historical Casa Ponsol), to more modern ones, like Polka Bar. It is one of the most iconic squares in the city, and back in the day it also featured an inn, our “Alhóndiga”, markets, drums… and nowadays Go Local (of course).

An exceptional donostiarra

But, who was Raimundo Sarriegi? Well, none other than one of the most local locals in San Sebastian’s history. Not in vain, he was the composer of the “Marcha de San Sebastián” as well as many of the other songs that are an essential part of our popular culture, not only the main song of our Tamborrada, but also the city’s anthem. Raimundo Sarriegi was able like no other man to capture this city’s character and humour (what we call “donostiarrismo”). His music can’t be understood without Donosti, and Donosti can’t be understood without his music.

Parte VIeja

That is why since 1933 this unique local, which passed away on April the 23rd of 1913, has this square named after him. Next to a bronze bust of him, there is a pedestal with a big plaque in which you can read his most famous music piece, and a drummer. And, still nowadays, 106 years after his passing, he is still honoured and fondly remembered.