Legends of the Basque Country: San Martin Txiki

One of the most renowned characters in the basque mythology and popular culture is San Martin Txiki or San Martiniko, a very smart rascal that acts as a civilizing hero in the Basque Country (and also as the only saint with an important role in the basque legends). This sort of Prometheus gave the basque people (and therefore to humanity) several progresses obtained with his brains and wit taken from the Gentiles, Basajauns and some say that even from the devil himself.

San Martin Txiki is a odd character whose origin is not pre-indoeuropean, celtic or classic, as according to Aunamendi it could be related to nordic myths. And that is because the famous Thor, who has nothing to do to the handsome superhero form the Marvel films, shares a lot of things with San Martin Txiki.. And, although Thor is famous for solving all of his problems by hammering things, as everybody knows that when you have a hammer every problem looks like a nail, he also uses his wit to steal from giants, warlocks and dwarves all types of valued secrets  to mortal ones. The nordic myths and tales came from Northern Europe to the Basque Country centuries ago… becoming something inside our own culture.

Well, maybe it is worth mentioning that some people think that our Martin Txiki… actually is non other than Loki.

Who knows?