Hontza bookstore

Open since 1982, Hontza library is one of the most veterans in San Sebastian, offering not only one of the widest catalogues that a reader may need, but also a close and effective relationship with the customers that nowadays is impossible to find in the big shops. To every booklover, it is a pleasure to wander through the bookshelves filled with books in two different levels, speak with the staff or attend the different lectures and presentations that they organize from time to time.

I am not lying when I say that their huge offer goes further than just novels, essays or guides for your travels. Hontza also offers books that talk about the basque culture, the history of San Sebastian and local publications that are very hard to find in the big libraries and big shops. It also has books in English and French.

Photo: Esther open the door of Hontza

I confess that I feel for Hontza a special affinity, as it is the library that I have frequented since I was a little kid, and here is where I have found some of the books that still nowadays I read from time to time. Many of the books in my collection that I bought two decades ago still have in their inside the sticker with the owl, which as a bird of prey still stalks between the written words.


Recommended by: Pablo

Distance from Go Local: 2 minutes on foot

Web: http://www.hontza.net/es/index.php