Garibay 21

We’ve already talked about Ramón Cortazar in previous posts, he was a San Sebastian architect designer of beloved buildings such as the Bellas Artes Theater. He worked in different architectural styles over his life, like modernism or Art Nouveau. In Donosti there are different buildings that can fit inside this category, being probably the nicest one the number 21 of Garibay street.

The local Art Nouveau

This four story building has a different decoration in each floor and surely the thing that stands out most is the oval window just above the main door. Also the ground-floor spaces have thankfully maintained the original exterior. The building is been recently restored as we can appreciate in the shiny balconies decorated with the typical modernist whipping.

Photo from : www.urbipedia.or

During the tours we don’t usually go close this building, but we always recommend you to walk around the Centre to admire the quarter’s architecture. One of the main reasons is this building, that’s as good as more famous Art Nouveau buildings like the Tassel House by Victor Horta.