Donosti bookshop

If while walking around San Sebastian’s Central District you want to dedicate a moment to look for the next book you are going to read, you can always come around this little bookstore that remind of the ones of back in the day. Here, you can feel in the air from the moment you step in that bohemian feel that takes us to the city that inspired the central district of our city.

At Bilbao Square (by the way, there is no such thing as a San Sebastian Street in Bilbao) you can fin this little traditional and familiar store, where you can find books of all types. From a novel set in Donosti, a compilation of terrifying tales or a technical guide that tells the ins and outs of technology. Anytime you need a book and you choose the small shops instead of the big chains, don’t forget you have a great option in the heart of San Sebastian´s Central District.