Cristina Enea Park

Discover the Cristina Enea Park , a green oasis in the heart of San Sebastián, where history and nature come together to offer you a unique experience. This emblematic space not only invites you to explore its trails and admire its biodiversity, but also to immerse yourself in its rich past and the curiosities that surround it.

Ideal for those looking to disconnect in a serene environment or are interested in information about the Cristina Enea San Sebastián park. Get ready to fall in love with this magical corner of Donostia and take with you unforgettable memories.

History of the park

The Cristina Enea Park , more than a green space, is a living story of the San Sebastián of yesteryear. Emerging from the generosity of a childless couple, the Dukes of Mandas, and their desire to bequeath the city a natural refuge, this park has witnessed the urban and social evolution of Donostia.

At the end of the 19th century, Fermín de Lasala y Collado, moved by his love for his wife Cristina, decided to transform his private estate into an English garden accessible to all , establishing an indelible link between his memory and public well-being.

The conditions of her donation, unusual and visionary, included the perpetual preservation of the name and nature of the park, ensuring that Cristina Enea would remain an oasis in the midst of increasing urbanization. Over the years, the park has seen various improvements, from the planting of exotic species to the creation of accesses that improve its integration with the city , but always maintaining the original spirit of its founders.

This legacy, rooted in love and philanthropy, makes Cristina Enea Park not only a space for leisure and contemplation, but also a monument to the living history of San Sebastián.

What to see in the Cristina Enea park

If you are wondering what to see in the Cristina Enea park, without a doubt, the Palacio del Duque de Mandas is the first thing you have to see, the architectural heart of the park. Rehabilitated as an Environmental Resources Center, this building is a testimony of San Sebastian history and a learning center about sustainability and ecology.

Botanical diversity is another of Cristina Enea’s treasures. Centennial trees, such as the imposing redwood and the majestic cedar of Lebanon, share space with native and exotic species, creating a green tapestry of unparalleled beauty. This is a place to walk, observe and breathe , where the flora becomes the protagonist.

No less fascinating is the fauna that lives in the park. Peacocks , with their elegant plumage, are a common sight, adding a touch of color and majesty to the landscape. Small birds and mammals also find refuge in this urban oasis, making each visit an opportunity to encounter nature in its purest state.

Cristina Enea’s walkways , which connect the park with the rest of the city, are not only access routes, but also symbols of integration and harmony between the natural and urban environments. The name of Gladys del Estal, dedicated to one of the walkways, recalls the park’s commitment to conservation and environmental activism.

Park location

The Cristina Enea Park is located in the heart of San Sebastián, in the Egia neighborhood, a strategic point that makes it a green lung in the middle of urban life . Surrounded by the final meander of the Urumea River, this natural oasis is ideally located between the Amara and Gros areas, making its location a perfect link with the rest of the city.

Getting to Cristina Enea Park is easy, whatever your starting point. If you travel by public transport, several urban bus lines have stops within walking distance, making it easy to access from any part of the city. For those who prefer the train, San Sebastián station (Estación del Norte) is less than ten minutes away on foot, offering a picturesque route that introduces you to the beauty of San Sebastián’s urban environment.

For visitors arriving by car, there are parking options nearby, although it is advisable to opt for public transport or bicycle for a more sustainable experience and in harmony with the ecological spirit of the park. In addition, the growing network of bike lanes in San Sebastián provides friendly and safe access for cyclists, allowing them to enjoy the journey to the park as part of the adventure.

As bikes are the best option, we suggest you take an electric bike tour in San Sebastian to explore the Cristina Enea Park much better.