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This tour focuses on the conflicts suffered by San Sebastian from Middle Ages to present day. The battles during War of Independence in 1813 that devastated the town, the Carlist Wars or the Spanish Civil War are some of the periods we will cover in this tour.


Hour: Variable

Duración: 3h

Price: 50€

Recommendations of the tour

  • If you want TO BOOK for this tour, please CONTACT us by email at or call/whatsapp 688 95 81 18.
  • A MINIMUM of 2 pax is required for this tour. If we do not reach that minimum, we will inform you in advance that the tour has been cancelled.
  • There is a MAXIMUM of 10 people. We dont accept groups of more than 10 people in this tour. If you are more than 10 people, please tell us.
  • We RECOMMEND appropriate clothes & footwear according to the weather and activity, and bring a small snack
  • This tour is NOT accessible for people with reduced mobility
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