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Go Local IREKITA=OPEN 24h to support the Euskara, or in other words, the Basque Lenguage.

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Go Local <3 Euskara

EUSKARA is the name of our lenguage in Basque. If you look up at the dictionary it will say Basque. EUSKALDUNA is the word to call a Basque person and is made by the conjunction of the name EUSKARA and the possesive suffix -DUNA, so what does actually EUSKALDUNA (Euskara-duna) mean? The literal traduction of this word would be; the person who has the Basque word, who speaks Basque or who feels the EUSKARA.

We can tell that this language is one of the oldest languages of Europe . But do you know where does  our language come from?

If you know it, please let us know, because we and nobody knows still.

This treasure is the most precious heritage of a diaspora that is spread in three provinces of France and four of Spain and all over the world in small local comunities, such as Boise.

At both sides of the Pyrenees, as the mountains are the characteristic orography of the Basque Culture, there are people that feel Basque.

Because to be EUSKALDUNA doesn’t mean to belong to a certain administration, it goes further as it is something cultural, it goes out off boundaries.

This inmaterial heritage is the most precious part of our culture that we like to transmit in Go Local, because the people that visit us can help us to mantain the essence of the EUSKARA, breaking boundaries.

Thank you and congratulations= Eskerrik asko eta zorionak!!