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If you already know Go local there’s no need to tell you about our way to run things. For those of you who don’t know us, in Go Local we try to bring the city to the visitors in a different, dynamic and funny way. We want you to share with us your time in San Sebastian so, even if the town is full of opportunities and things to do, we offer you guided tours from the closeness, professionalism and entertainment.


However, we don’t resign to change the way guided tours are made. We come to change it, to turn your tour into something interactive and where you feel part of it. Moreover, other of our objectives is to provide you the tools to get along with the city, know not so typical places, discover new paths….

With these ideas we have prepared the “Special tour”, a guided tour where we want to go further by assuring that you will live and authentic and exclusive experience. These tours consist on alternative plans where Go Local organises everything so you just have to worry about having fun! Trips to lost spots, typical  “donostiarra” journeys, day & night plans, Village fests in the province, dinners….

You can’t miss them!


Check out our guided tours and if you want a private tour, do not hesitate to contact us!