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This summer, from 30th of August to 14th of July, is gonna celebrate in Spain the XVII. edition of the World Cup of Basketball and 24 countries will take part in the competition. It will be the second time that disputes a World Cup of Basketball in Spain (the last time was in 1986). National teams like Argentina, Lithuania, Turkey or USA will not be missing to the appointment, as well as Spain. But this year has a special flavour, even to the Basque Country, because Bilbao is going to be the headquarter of the NBA stars.


Cartel oficial 2014.

The North American national team has always been characterized for being one of the best teams of basketball of the world and because of this, moves so much people and generates a lot of expectancy. In this case, Baque Country is going to receive so much North American fans as well as basketball supporters of all the world and it is an incomparable chance for expanding the image of Euskadi as a quality, innovate and global place.


Rose (USA) jumps over Turkoglu (Turkey) on 2010.

Bilbao is going to play an important role as the host of USA, but only 1 hour far from Bilbao, we meet with one of the best cities of the north of the country, which is known as the Cantabrian pearl: San Sebastian.
Year by year, the tourist demand of San Sebastian increases greatly, thanks to its rural and gastronomic tourism. People who visit the city remain impressed of its wonderful places, like the beach of ¨La Concha¨, and for its excellent gastronomy as well, being one the most important regions with prestigious chefs that are known all over the world. Donostia, that is called San Sebastián in basque language, has 3 beaches and 3 hills and with its french style among its streets and buildings make San Sebastian one of the nicest cities of the country.
The city is also famous for its big cultural agenda, emphasizing the International Film Festival in September, the Hamabostaldia in summer, or the Fantastic and Terror Film Festival in autumn. An aspect to stand out is that the city has been chosen the European Capital of Culture 2016 and San Sebastian is turning in an important city into the international scene.


Sorteo de grupos para el Mundial de Baloncesto 2014.

For sure that during the celebration of the World Cup of basketball, San Sebastian is not going to spend unnoticed for the tourists attracted by Durant, LeBron James and the whole North American national team. I could emphasize many other wonderful aspects of Donostia, but it is better to live them in the moment than with words.