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Muguruza  Torre Atze Kalea, Pasaia San Pedro

This is a restaurant which we owe a post on our blog, if you are looking for an authentic restaurant, do not hesitate! The Muguruza restaurant is where you should go!

Very close to the birthplace of the famous sailor Blas de Lezo, in the town of Pasajes San Pedro, is this restaurant, a privileged place in the mouth of the Oiartzun river where famous characters like Victor Hugo felt at home.

In the Muguruza you will not find a common menu, we mean, in this restaurant you eat only seasonal products and the fish that daily the arrantzales (fishermen) bring to the port from the Cantabrian Sea. You will eat terrific in an authentic and very pleasant atmosphere, so you will not find a restaurant as authentic as Muguruza.

And to make good digestion, you can get close to the nearby  sea museum/factory of Albaola to wonder with the replica of the nao San Juan (a Basque whaler ship of the sixteenth century.) They are building there, also you can enjoy all of this and a beautiful hiking trail through Mount Ulia in the Go Local hiking tour.

Recommended by Alain

Distance from Go Local: 1h 10 minutes on foot / 21 minutes by bike / 28 minutes public transport

Price: Varied



(Seafaring environment lived in the surroundings of Muguruza)


(Delicious anchovies that we ate last time the Go Local team visited the Muguruza)