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After many weeks of hard work, planning, paperwork…. Here’s the start up! We can now start doing what we love: show San Sebastian to the visitors with a fresh, professional, dynamic touch, with affordable prices for all!

We are the only one who offer the chance to discover San Sebastian with a Free Tour (a guided tour where you pay depending on your satisfaction). In addition, we offer the “Must See” tours: “Donostia: The early days” or “Pintxos Époque” where you can approach to the history and culture of our town.

We also provide thematic and cultural tours, like the “Warlike” or “Basque Culture” tours ( if you don’t know what they’re about, read their names again), or tours focused to more active visitors like “Donostia by bike” or the “Trekking” trip to know the surroundings of our city.

We know San Sebastian is a touristic town, attractive for all public and where you can visit and make many things your own, but in Go Local we will insist on your experience here not as a tourist but as a “donostiarra” (we called ourselves donostiarras), aided by our local guide team. That’s our objective: Show Donostia from the perspective of a Donostiarra.

And that’s another reason why we start this blog, in which we will talk about culture, important events, urban leyends, classics from Donostia… what donostiarras talk about! We will also announce updates on the tours, raffles, discounts… stay tuned!

So, with this, we officially inaugurate this web, our tours, the proyect…. Our new life! Go Local, GO!