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LA ANGUSTIA DEL FAISAN Oleo sobre tela 130x89

THE ANGUISH OF THE PHEASANT Oil on canvas 130×89

Curiosities of the season; get to know the hunting world and other aspects of the nature through the art of Iciar Mikelperizena. Landscapes, portraits and venery are some of the subjects which are normally reflected at the work of this brave person who lives her job with passion.


This days she is collaborating with the XXII. Hunting Workshop about gastronomy of Baztan-Bidasoa.

Sleeping between artworks” were also  other innovative projects that Iciar has made in the past. This  artist from  the region of Bidasoa (Nafarroa-Navarra) has the virtue to show the magic of the hunting world and she opens the door of her workshop and wellcomes everyone who has an interest on the hunting world or the Basque art.

From Go Local, we support this kind of projects like the one of Iciar, because we believe that the best work is the one that is coming from heart.

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