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ALUSTIZA (a.k.a. SAN MARCIAL) Calle San Marcial 50

A lifelong bar tucked away in the heart of the city, next to the Hotel de Londres. Is hidden and you would have to ask some friendly locals, is especially known for its famous ¨Gavilla¨, a kind of fried croquette with béchamel, cheese, ham and tenderloin inside.

It also offers a variety of rations, Iberian cold meats and the possibility of eating in the background on some wooden tables. I love the boar’s head ration.

Recommended by Iñigo

Distance from Go Local: 10 minutes on foot

Price of ¨Gavilla¨: 1.70 €



(The famous ¨Gavilla¨)


(Bar Alustiza since 1983)