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Former residence of the dukes of Bailén and the kings of Spain ( Alfonso XII and his wife María Cristina); He even hosted Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Today it houses the House of Peace and Human Rights.

The park stands out for its vegetation and its gardens, which with an extension of 74,000 square meters, were designed by the royal gardener Pierre Ducasse trained in Versailles as Architect of gardens.

It is an ideal place to disconnect from the routine, with a bucolic and romantic halo that will make your imagination fly as soon as you start to walk its paths and gardens. It also has a pond with sociable swans, a cave covered in moss that cascades, playground, restaurant, bar, and to top it off, a semi-subterranean Cultural Center with library, study rooms and wifi.



(View of the main facade of the palace abd the cultural center)


(A nice view of the gardens)